January 25, 2010

Perseus and his Magic Loot

As sort of a follow-up to my post about the Clash of Titans remake, I think Perseus has to be one of the first heroes that fit the model of D&D character.  How so?  Because homeboy is loaded with the magical loot!  It seems in most classic myths and legends, and even a lot of modern fantasy tales, the hero is lucky to have one magical weapon.  The gods load Perseus up: 
  • a mirrored shield from Athena,
  • a helm of invisibility from Hades,
  • an adamantine sickle-sword from Hermes, 
  • and, also, the winged sandals of Hermes.
Sounds like a high-level PC to me....

Oh, and on a side note, I'm absurdly glad that the dumbass, clockwork owl, Bubo, from the original film won't be finding its way into the remake.
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