January 19, 2010

Release the Kraken!

This is kind of old news, but a Clash of the Titans remake is set to come out in March of this year.  Here is the full-length trailer (there is a teaser trailer out there as well).

I'm pretty damn stoked to see this movie.  Yeah, this remake, like the original, appears to be a hodge-podge of various myths, but I'm okay with that.  If anything, I say toss in more.  I want to see as many creatures as possible.  Hopefully, there won't be a lot of over-the-top action maneuvers, though (i.e., a ton of wire work).  I know the movie itself is going to be popcorn fare, but I hate the modern tendency to make every hero have Flying Tiger, Hidden Dragon-like moves. 

I don't care too much for the revamped Kraken.  It looks all right, but reminds me of tons of other movie monsters and aliens.  The original beast has a distinct look and they should have stuck with it. On a side-note, the "kraken" is actually a Norse myth.  There is a sea monster in the Perseus story, but it isn't named.  I'm guessing that "Release the Sea Monster!" just didn't have the same ring as "Release the Kraken!"

Ah well, I am very pleased that they kept medusa as the half-snake, half-woman beastie she was in the first flick.  I don't think that is too true to the myth, but, man, is she a damn fine monster. More than that, she is no doubt the inspiration for the 2nd edition D&D "Greater Medusa" (later finding is way into 3rd edition in Necromancer Game's Tome of Horrors).  Nothing like a creepy, serpent woman that is bad-ass with a bow.  Hell, even the regular medusa became a killer archer in 3rd edition.

I dug up the original medusa scene on YouTube and, damn, it holds up pretty well.  The bit with Perseus tossing the shield onto the statue is a bit hard to swallow, but the rest of the scene is solid.

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