April 16, 2010

Well, there goes what little DM cred I had....

I have shamed myself.  I once mentioned that a certain yuan-ti really knows how to get down.  To be precise, I said that the yuan-ti abomination knows how to party.  For the record, this is a yuan-ti abomination:

Clearly, this fellow does not know how to party.  He is all business.  Yes, he likely kicks ass and would be good to have on your side in a bar fight, but he doesn't look like a barrel of laughs.

However, the yuan-ti anathema knows how to party like a golden god.

On a side note, for no apparent reason, this party hound has been named "Steve."  Not sure why, but two sessions back, Dave the Knave was taking pictures and said, "pass me Steve."  No one knew who or what the hell he was talking about.  He was referring to the dude to the right.
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