June 29, 2010

I’m a Lucky Man

Fall 2009 086 I spent part of last week in Chicago visiting family (my wife was throwing her sister a baby shower) and had a bad case of cabin fever. After snooping around a bit on the ‘net, I found the locations of some game stores. Kind of hard to believe, but in a city as large as Chicago, there are only three game stores (none of which are downtown, by the way). The following three stores all have great online reviews:

(I’m not including the local Games Workshop stores, which only sell Games Workshop stuff. I’m not a Warhammer player, so those shops are of no use to me, but I’m rather impressed that GW has its own brand-specific stores).

Games Plus seemed like the best bet for finding older system RPG stuff. Unfortunately, all of
the stores were across town and my wife and I had planned to head out that night, just the two of us. So what did we do for our hot date? We drove 40 miles or so to Games Plus. Yes, my wife, dressed to kill, went with me to the game store for our date night.

I was in gamer heaven and my wife waited patiently as I spent God-knows-how-long browsing the aisles. Actually, she spent a good bit of time looking for games for our girls.

I’m a lucky man.

[By the way, I highly recommend Games Plus. I scored some great stuff: Slavelords of Cydonia by Badaxe Games ($5, used, but damned if I can tell), Raise the Dead and Dead Man’s Chest by Necromancer Games ($7, new, and $5 for a slightly dinged copy), and a starter deck of Dinosaur King cards for Chaos.]

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