November 25, 2010

Troll Lord Games Black Friday Sale

RPGbailoutThe details are still fuzzy and the sale isn’t up yet, but here is some info from the Troll’s Tusk Newsletter:

So this is the first year we've actually participated in the Black Friday/Cyber Monday event. As usual we put our own twist on it.

The sale will kick off sometime Thursday night and run through the weekend...mainly because we are too lazy to log on and change it all back. Also of course because, well, really that's the only reason.

So enjoy the mark downs while you can, they will be gone as quick as they appear.

For all the U.S. Crusaders: Happy Thanksgiving.

For those living in Europe, Canada, and Asia, or whereever you may fare...well Happy Thanksgiving to you too!


Castles & Crusades: The Rosetta Stone.”

Judging from newsletter, looks like the sale will include:
  • Half-Priced: Gods & Monsters, the Players Handbook, and the Monsters & Treasure of Aihrde
  • $20 Off StarSiege, and Tainted Lands
I’ll provide an update when I know more.  M&T of Aihrde is supposed to be dang cool, so I’ll likely snag that.
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