December 6, 2010

Gaming Deal: Folding Game Table on the Cheap

folding poker table
A quick note:  I will post substantial content here when time allows, but between the work load, the holidays, and family life, I haven’t had time. Until then, consider this a “hey, look at this cool shit!” blog.

UPDATE: The table is now $100.00.
I’m pretty well set for my gaming table, but I got an interesting piece of holiday junk mail today from Sears and figured I’d share.  On Tuesday 12/7/10 (tomorrow as of this posting) at 11:00 AM central time, this Sportscraft Parlour Poker table will be on sale for $50.00.  It’s normally 200 bones.  I’m not sure about shipping and handling (although it’s listed as available for free in-store pickup.)

This is part of Sears’ Chimney Buster promotion.  I’m not exactly sure how it works, but I believe they offer a limited quantity (only 10 for this time) at this link (again, at 11 AM CT tomorrow) and I think you have to be signed up for Sears spam to qualify (although you can sign up now).  Here is the complete FAQ: link  From what I've seen with these deals, the limited quantity applies only for that super low price and then they bump it up to another still-discounted, but not as good, price.

$50 is a good price for what seems to be a quality folding gaming table.  Obviously, it’s meant for poker and I have no clue how suitable it would be for tabletop gaming, but the cup holders seem kind of sweet for dice or, well, drinks, ha.  Here are the dimensions:
·Table Dimensions: 81.5L x 42W x 31H (inches)
·Playing Surface Dimensions: 72L x 32.5W (inches)
If anyone splurges on this, let me know how it works out.
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