December 13, 2010

My Players are Awesome

Ha freakin' ha.

We had our last session for 2010 last Friday and my players surprised me with a bucket load of Christmas gifts.
  • Dungeon Master For Dummies (Smart-asses. Yes, that is the correct title; I'm not sure why it's not Dungeon Mastering for Dummies)
  • A LEGO Jester (I use a Red Jester from the Tome of Horrors II as a reoccuring character in the campaign.)
  • An Orcus and his followers mini gift pack (an Aspect of Orcus as well as a ton of Orcus priest minis)
  • AND Oh-hell-no-you-didn't-fuck-yeah-you-did!:

Orcus impresses Snow White and Sleeping Beauty with his "wand."

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