December 20, 2010

Who wants an invitation to an Invitation-only Hobby Games Sales Site (i.e., Deniath)?

Update 12/21/10: I have an unlimited amount of invitations, so don't worry if you might "waste" one.

A while back some guy from WizKids created a new gaming sale site called Deniath: link  The trick to this one is that it's invitation-only. I managed to get myself invited when it was still in development (I think Purple Pawn posted about it or something). 

From the Denaith About Us page:
Headquartered in Seattle, Deniath is a privately held company offering invitation-only access to exclusive online sales for hobby games and pop-culture collectibles at up to 70% off. Each sale lasts only 36 hours and features limited product from select brands. Founded in 2010, and led by former WizKids manager, Wade Sugiyama, Deniath is determined to provide gamers, collectors, and pop-culture fans a unique and exciting online shopping experience featuring the industry’s newest and most popular brands.

It just started up a month of so ago and has had some good deals on board and card games, including stuff from Fantasy Flight, Rio Grande, WizKids, Mayfair Games, and others.

So why am I telling you all this?  As an existing member I'm allowed to dish out invitations to other people. Yeah, I get a kick back ($10 for your first order; it's that whole viral-marketing bit), but the deals really have been pretty good. I have an unlimited amount of invitations, so don't be shy about asking for one.

If you want an invitation, just send me an email: thebitterfrost a.t. gmail d.o.t. com
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