September 20, 2011

Hot Castles & Crusades Action at GASPCon 12

I will once again be running some Castles & Crusades at GASPCon 12 this November.  If you're in the Southwestern Pennslyvania area, be sure to check out this convention.  It's small, but very friendly and a lot of fun.

GASPCon 12

My event will be on Saturday at 7 PM:

RPG - Castles & Crusades - Crypt of Istaris (RPG)Come play Castles & Crusades, a rules light, bare-knuckled, D&D variant. Can you survive the Crypt of Istaris? An evil cult has magically rigged the crypt to detonate at midnight, taking the surrounding town with it unless a ransom is paid. Can your band defuse the situation? Come play this tournament-style dungeon crawl and enjoy some old-school fun.
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