December 22, 2009

"Major Award"

As noted at Under Siege, yours truly has won a "major award." The Castles & Crusades Society held a contest quite some time ago at their, now defunct, forums. The contest required participants to post a short description of just about anything that could be useful in a campaign world. For example, you could post a write-up of a character, a magic artifact, etc. After you made your post, you provided the title for the next poster. In my case, the previous poster had provided the name "Manistus the Scrivener." After I posted my description, I suggested "The Dark Horse of Winter."

I thought the guy's write up of "The Dark Horse of Winter" was pretty badass, actually. It was a a great description about how this constellation called "The Dark Horse of Winter" would appear in the winter sky every few years and was seen as an incredibly bad omen.

Anyhow, my "Manistus the Scrivener" was good enough for sixth place, so that earned me a copy of The Ruins of Ramat, an adventure module that I've heard good things about. Unfortunately, I didn't save a copy of that write up anywhere and I have to wait until the next The DomesdayBook web-zine publishes to read it. I'll be damned if I can remember what I wrote.

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