December 5, 2009

Semi-Drunk Rant and Post

So, as the title states, I have a bit of a buzz going on. Not so strong that I can't insert a pic or a link or two, but, well, yeah. We consumed a good bit of alcohol at tonight's game. Good ol' Sam brought some Crown Royal (the bag naturally already being used as his dice bag) and Dave White brought some high-octane Belgium beer.

So another great session tonight. The group headed back to Rappan Athuk after a bit of restocking and spell scribing in Bard's Gate. They described to restart from square one (i.e., dungeon level 1) and that allowed me to bring back some of the RA classics, including the Dung Monster and the Green Gargoyles. They also headed to the Red Jester (from Tome of Horrors II), which I use as a substitute for Sacarcek on level 2. That allowed for some great role-playing and lots of laughs.

Anyhow, no real point to this post other than I have a blast gaming. It bothers me that other folks look down on it. They don't realize what they're missing. It's not the game so much as the fun you get from sharing laughs and dice over a table week after week. It's like a poker night, but unlike the poker night, the group is working together. There is camaraderie (thank you spell check for that one).

Any way, damn I like me some D&D.

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