April 5, 2010

Battlegraph Boards (Tact-Tiles) Return from the Grave

I mentioned that Longtooth Studios had stopped producing Battlegraph Boards, their version of Tact-Tiles. Well, according to a recent post on ENworld and at their own Web site, Battlegraph Boards are back in production.


  1. Yeah I noticed they were back and they've made a few improvements it seems, unfortunately they are even more expensive now. My old set is pretty battered and I broke down and bought a new vinyl gaming mat instead.

  2. I didn't notice that. Looks like they went up $5.00 (from $20 for 4 to $25 for 4). That isn't that too bad. Then again, I'm still curious about that $5.00 dry erase set from LTD Commodities.


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