May 5, 2011

Full Length Conan the Barbarian Trailer Released

This one looks much better than the teaser trailer (I still can't believe they basically did the whole "In a world..." thing in that one).   I have my doubts about their being much of Robert E. Howard's Conan here, but it at least looks like a solid fantasy flick.


  1. I think a lot is going to hang on the rating that the film ultimately pulls. Some of the earlier stills were full of bared bosoms and frothy brews, which felt very Howard. But I can't recall the last time I saw a swords and sorcery movie with bared bos...wait, no, it was the first Conan. That was the last time I saw a film like that.

    I'd like to hope this is a return to earlier form. The fact that Jason Momoa had the stones to take on the Khal Drogo gives me hope, though; I figure an actor who's not afraid to participate in the televised despoiling of a displaced princess is probably not afraid of starring in a hard R film.

  2. Thanks for sharing the trailer.


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