August 23, 2011

Troll Lord Sale Going Viral - Keep this thing going and spread the C&C love

Troll Lord Games, the fine makers of Castles & Crusades, have a great sale going on right now and will keep it going as long as folks keep spreading the word (details here: link)

For $20.00 (plus S&H) you can get a copy of the C&C Players Handbook, Monsters & Treasure, and a module (Shadows of Halfling Hall). Normally, all this would cost $56.00.  link

Note, these are the hardcover versions of the books.   My group (who are recent C&C converts) took advantage and placed a large order.

You only need the PH and the M&T to play, so this is a great starter pack (the Castle Keeper Guide mainly has optional / supplemental rules).

If the combo deal is not up your alley, you can get just the PH for $15 (link) or M&T for $10 (link).

1 comment:

  1. This is a great deal! I ordered the bundle this past Sunday. can always use an extra PH at the table, and I was using an earlier edition Monster book.


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