March 30, 2012

Frost Giant Friday - An awesome figure by Shinobitron

Thought I'd switch it up with a figure this time.  By Shinobitron

You got to love the full mug of mead....

March 23, 2012

Noble Knight Games Sale at Today

Just another reminder, the sale for Noble Knight Games starts at noon Eastern Time today. If you want an invite, email me at thebitterfrost a.t. gmail d.o.t. com

UPDATE: The deal is now live. It's a Groupon-type thing. Pay $10 for a gift certificate worth $20.00 towards used gaming purchases. "'Used Games'” are defined as any item that does NOT have a condition grade of SW (Shrink-wrapped), MINT, or New"

Frost Giant Friday - "Jotun" by Jeff Fairbourn

"Jotun" by Jeff Fairbourn

March 22, 2012

Noble Knight Games Sale at Deniath is having a Noble Knight Games promotion this Friday (3/23/12).

Deniath is an invitation only site, but I have invitations if anyone wants one. If you want one, email me at thebitterfrost a.t. gmail d.o.t. com.

Not sure what the NKG sale is about. Maybe gift certificates?

March 12, 2012

Another Pseudo-Miniature: The Leviathan!

My wife picked this up for me at Tuesday Morning (a thrift chain around these parts) for 99 cents.

Behold, the Leviathan!

It even came with its own stat sheet!

I have to admit, I find it kind of funny that this guy is from the "Tales of Glory: Spirit Warriors" line-up.

Here are shots to show the scale:
On guard!

So, eaten any heroes lately?

March 9, 2012

Cheap Pseudo-Minis at Michael's

I saw these in the "$1 and Up" aisle at Michael's craft store. Apparently these dragons are part of the THE ALIEN FORCE!

UPDATE: I saw these the "5 Below" discount chain as well, but they were for $5.00 (rather pricey for this stuff). Michael's had them for $2.00.

March 8, 2012

Having Awesome Players is Awesome

Dave "the Knave " White set up our whole group with this awesome shirt last session (Dave has a thing for t-shirts: Too Many T-Shirts):
The "% Liar" bit is a double joke.  Here is the story, per Monte Cook:
The original D&D booklets had a typo. In the monster entries, instead of saying "%Lair" (for the percentage chance that the creature would be found in its lair), it said "%Liar." The Arduin books embraced that concept (I'm guessing without knowing it was a typo): In those books, that game stat reflected the percentage chance that, if you talked to it, the creature would lie -- apparently at any given time. It was a rule to handle the roleplaying of the creature. And along with the expected "%Liar: 45%," the Arduin books even had monster entries that said, "%Liar: too stupid." So the monster was too stupid to lie.

(Dragon columnist Ray Winninger has a hilarious story from back then. His group, who also believed that the stat determined how often a creature would lie, applied this rule to the elf henchman with the party. The PCs would ask the henchman if he had enough food, or whether he needed healing after the last battle, and the DM would roll to see if he told them the truth. You can just imagine the poor, starving, beat-up henchman, when asked if he needed any help, feeling this odd compunction to lie... shaking his head "no" with a look of profound regret and helplessness on his face.) 


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