March 10, 2011


Okay, so my Old School cred is suspect since I DM D&D 3.5.  I do think I DM in old school fashion and I tried to explain what old school D&D was all about at the GASP forum.

So, you might ask, why am I explaining myself?  So I can get in on James's sweet bandwagon over at the Underdark Gazette!   Sorry, it was just too fun to pass up.

As my contribution to the old school D&D movement, I'll share what I posted at GASP:

"In my opinion, if there is any unifying element to "old school", I think it's the acceptance of the DM as a referee and adversary rather than the GM as a story teller."

So you if you hit this post, uhm, unintentionally, but are actually interested in old school D&D, check out  the OSR (Old School Renaissance/Revival/Rules/Rectum).  You can find a much better write up of it over here: the ChicagoWiz's RPG Blog.

Oh, and here is what you are actually looking for (be sure to stick around for the NSFW link below, you perv).

magic gloves on an elf chick by *cyborg76 on deviantART

And if those aren't large enough for you, check out this NSFW pic: link 

I kid you not, I found that with a Google Image search for "elvish chick" on the moderate safety level.
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