January 18, 2010

One of My Favorite Gaming Artists

Brian "Glad" Thomas is one of my favorite gaming artists.  I first encountered him at the Troll Lord Games forum in his "Glad's drawings of the adventuring life....." thread, and have since found his Web site, Three-Headed Troll Art Wurks.    "Drawings of the adventuring life" is an accurate title for his work.  I certainly appreciate the old-school style of the art, but what I like most is that his illustrations depict scenes of what really happens to the characters of a D&D party.  There is plenty of great art out there based on gaming, but usually it is on a scale more epic or heroic than what happens in your typical D&D session.  A typical D&D session, is full of action, humor, and perhaps a tiny bit of horror.  Brian Thomas captures this perfectly.

Here are few of my favorites.


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